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Do you suspect infidelity in your relationship? Paladin Investigations has state of the art technology that can help you find the answers. Trust your instincts and protect your heart and assets.We are able to provide you with reports of exact locations of the subject. That includes minors that you need to keep close tabs on.Want to know where they have been? We can tell you. Want to know who they have been with? We can tell you that too! State of the art GPS technologies allow us to track movements in real time. Location mapping reports movements and how long they have been at a location.

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Due to the secretive nature of affairs it is hard to get a definitive percentage of how many people cheat.

Estimates range from; 22% of men and 14% of women have an affair to 65% of men and 55% of women have an affair depending on the study.

As many as 70% of affairs are not discovered.

Suspicion of adultery can destroy a marriage even if no one is cheating.

Fortunately modern technology has given us a reliable inexpensive way to relieve suspicion or confirm fears. As hard as it can be to know if your loved one is having an affair it is usually harder dealing with uncertainty

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