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Paladin Investigations is a Chandler Private Investigative agency and is committed to excellent service. John Brewington as the managing member continuously seeks opportunity to enhance his resume and skill set by taking continuing education classes even though this is not a requirement under Arizona statute.

March 18, 2013 John Brewington completed the class, TRUE LIES: DETECTING DECEPTION given by Code 4 Public Safety Education Association.

Much of our work involves getting statements from subjects, witnesses etc and it’s important to hone one’s skills in trying to detect if the statements are truthful and/or if anything is being left out” said John. He added “I found myself in good company that day at the Mesa Police Public Training Facility in that the class was filled with law enforcement personnel gaining good skills for their front line work”.

“Another class I participated in and find useful is, “Providing Dynamic & Convincing Testimony”. “As an investigator licensed through the Arizona Department of Public I have had to appear in court to testify about the findings of investigations I have conducted. This class was put on by an assistant district attorney and was very helpful” added Mr. Brewington.

If you have need of the skills of this Scottsdale Private Investigator or Chandler Private Investigator or all of the Phoenix metroplex do not hesitate to contact John Brewington PI

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