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John Brewington is a Phoenix,  Arizona Private Investigator. The staff and associates of Paladin Investigations have an extensive background in the collection industry as owners and/or branch managers of collection agencies. In order to comply with the law of each state, licensing was acquired, the process of which included flying to the state and talking tests to show the state that we were familiar with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, State Collection Practices Act, Business Law, Bankruptcy Law and other nuances of the trade.

Finger prints were submitted to the FBI prior to these licensing’s to secure a criminal background check. Credit bureaus were obtained annually to insure responsible behavior of the licensee. Bonds were obtained for client protection.

We have come to understand particular industries that you may find helpful. Many like transportation or telecommunications have tariffs in place that are complicated and not understood easily.  We have dealt with it for 20 years and know how to handle it.

We are able to make on site visits to provide up to date information on assets and liabilities and you can rest assured we understand that we represent you and no unprofessional behavior will occur that will cause legal action or further deterioration of the relationship.

Pictures and a field report will be on your computer in minutes and if possible we get that hard to reach person on the phone while on site so that you can have a one on one with them.

Hopefully we can help you resolve the problem amenably. If not you will know whether to send the account to a collection agency or a law firm.

We have relationships with collection attorneys across the United States and all work on a contingency basis. Let us help you.  Let us be your Arizona Private Investigator.


Paladin Investigations is able to recover your collateral no matter what it is. Our associates are FAA certified pilots for prop and jet aircraft to Commercial Drivers License holders. We are able to offer storage facilities for any item including aircraft. Our state of the art databases can tell where they are when others have failed.


Creditor rights attorneys from all over the US come to Paladin Investigations for asset information. Want to know where to serve them? We can tell you. Want to know if there are assets? We can tell you that too! From bank accounts to property and brokerages, domestic and foreign.

We are experts in the following categories

  • Litigation Support
  • Asset Location Searches
  • Criminalistics / Criminology
  • Fraud
  • Consumer Fraud
  • Infidelity / Extra-Marital Affairs
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance
  • Investigation Surveillance
  • Asset Location Services
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Debtor Creditor Law
  • Litigation Support


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